the project      Individual and Group Training is available through the use of those training systems offered by the Sandalphon-Project to achieve a successful life.

This training is both useful and effective for all employees, but is absolutely essential for Managers and other Executives to assist them in the attainment of precise targets.

Using motivational techniques Sandalphon Project infuses a new vitality into single individuals and assists them to express their own creativeness.

One of the preferred tools used during the Seminars is the Firewalk where a group of people face a Fire Trial, creating a synergistic force within this situation which strengthens the vision and purpose of the Group.

The Sandalphon Project programmes are used for:

o Team building for Companies and Leadership
o Individual Growth Programmes
o Teaching leaders to manage their own actions and emotions and to understand the    importance of motivating their colleagues to recognise problems as "important    opportunities".
o To accept valid criticisms and to learn from them
o To successfully explain his thinking with clarity and transparency
o With the Firewalk Seminars leaders learn a combativeness leading to success and the    respect of others

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