newsletter january 2007

Fire burns.
Now I'm really sure of this!

Fire burns the matter, turning it into Energy.
Fire burns the illness, turning it into Recovery.
Fire burns what we give him and in exchange He carry out our Wishes.
Yes, but there's something more...

Since the Fire burns.
This is its duty, its nature, Fire cannot act in a different way.

So, I realized Fire burned something more than what I offered.
Fire burned my uncertainties (even though I didn't mention any of them!)
Fire burned my false certaninties (how could He see them?)
Fire lighted a flame inside of me. I feel it burning, giving me energy and clarifying my thoughts.

The only things Fire didn't burn were our feet.
Maybe He could feel our love and He wanted to give something in return.
But, since He's Brother Fire, and not a common person,
He gave back everything raised to the nth power.
His Love is emormously greater.

For a moment He lifted a portion of maya veil, in order to let us understand that nothing is like it seems to our eyes.
Because, if it's not true that Fire burns - what we always considered an undisputable certainty - then all what we see is a pure illusion.
The Truth is something else and we have to look for it somewhere else.
So, Brother Fire made us a precious present: He revealed us a secret, giving us a new awareness.
If this is not Love...

That's why I thank Brother Fire.

I also thank who walked with me, as the union of our will could light a flame the Fire could recognize.

And I thank those people that walked on Fire before us, because they "prepared the way".
Also this is Love.

Bruna Borio
Firewalk Instructor
(Written many years ago, after my second firewalkin)
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